Top 5 Best WhatsApp Mods in 2024 (100% Safe)

Have you ever tried or fantasized about making your favorite protocol of communication more personalized and entirely customizable? Yeah, we’re talking about WhatsApp and its entire communication enrichment. They have already benefited us with the most exceptional messaging tactics, but still, we’ll get perfectly seduced if you would offer the funkiest themes on WhatsApp.

For those who got bored with using WhatsApp only in two different color formats, Light and Dark modes are deemed to get a world-class experience using the WhatsApp Mods. If Mod is a doubtful word for you, it’s a simple-scripted app version developed for different apps while adding different scripts and developed more enthusiastically to employ. Getting bored would be the first reason to start downloading WhatsApp Mods.

Besides, there are many other privileges that can be freely availed by WhatsApp Mods to strengthen your online privacy and chat security. In simple words, you’re getting amazed by every side of happiness using a simplistic modification. Lastly, choosing would also seem way easier as we’re listing below the 5 Best WhatsApp Mods developed by optimistic developers to astound your soul.

Best WhatsApp Mods

Advantages of Installing WhatsApp Mods

There is way more potential in installing WhatsApp Mods while being compared with downloading the official WhatsApp version. The reason behind this is there are a bunch of scripts settled within the codes of the scripted or modded versions to provide you with the world-class privileges as listed below:

  • If you’ve got tense with the low-privacy official WhatsApp platform, you can switch to the Mod version, offering privacy features to hide your overall online existence.
  • Using WhatsApp Mod can help you use two different WhatsApp accounts on the same device, including one official and one modded version.
  • WhatsApp Mods are fully customizable so that you can personalize everything, including header, footer, message wall, profile body, etc. colors!
  • These Mod versions include some additional resources which aren‘t resourced within the official version, such as font styles, emoticons, and notification icons. 
  • If you’re finding a way to automate your messaging but got tired of using the additional third-party automation apps, WhatsApp Mods would help you schedule and automate messages.

Disadvantages of Installing WhatsApp Mods

God made everything two-faced where one side is filled with privileges and the alternative is the dark side including flaws. Similarly, the modified app versions also include some disadvantages that you might see after installing them. In the case of WhatsApp Mods, below listed are the demerits of installing them.

  • WhatsApp Mods would look exceptionally like the official app interface, but they still contain third-party servers which can get tracked by official servers and can block your account.
  • Using the modified versions sometimes seems a little risky, as the third-party servers can take complete access to your data in seconds using the internet connection.
  • You can’t use the same WhatsApp account in both of your WhatsApp versions, the official and the modded one.
  • Using WhatsApp Mod is parallel to having a fear of the official WhatsApp account getting banned, either temporarily or permanently.
  • MOD scripts sometimes contain bugs and viruses which can violate your device’s system and credential files without notifying you.

Best WhatsApp Mods in 2024

Above there, we’ve reflected the detailed information about both the messaging protocols, WhatsApp official, and WhatsApp Mods. Most people would absolutely choose the modded version in place of the official ones, as they contain a hell number of features that no one can imagine officially.

But before rushing to the Google and online blogs to find your futuristic WhatsApp Mod, must know that there are thousands of Mods available there.  Choosing the best one is complex without having a list of the best WhatsApp Mods that we’ve created as shown below –

1. GBWhatsApp Pro

GBWhatsApp Logo

GBWhatsApp Pro is again one of the popular WhatsApp Mods, known at its best for its privacy and personalization features. It’s the worthiest download if you’re thinking to have a WhatsApp Mod on your smartphone. The major reason is the availability of privileges and disabled sticky limitations from the official WhatsApp servers.

The GBWhatsApp would work accordingly to your wishes and provide you with efficient comfort. If you want to deactivate the services for some time and take a break from the message notifications, it’d allow you to enable the DND mode and disable the internet connection for GBWhatsApp. Not just that, there are many more possibilities to shock you while messaging through GBWhatsApp, including some listed below.

Features of GBWhatsApp

  • GBWhatsApp contains an anti-ban feature that makes it hard for WhatsApp servers to ban your account.
  • Download the Statuses of all your friends at the moment.
  • Customize chat wallpapers and profile wallpapers.
  • Hide Online Status
  • Send messages without saving the number in the phone book.
  • Choose themes from a huge theme library
  • Anti-Delete feature to revoke deleted messages.

2. WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus Icon

The competition can’t be started without the first and the most prominent, or we can call a legendary WhatsApp Mod sitting at every tongue while talking about the Mods, WhatsApp Plus. This WhatsApp Plus would create a plus icon in your online messaging while adding all those unique features at the lowest cost of disadvantages.

WhatsApp Plus is getting employed for a large interval in every country as people are getting intensified towards a personalized messaging platform. Everyone seriously got bored using the official WhatsApp theme, while seeing WhatsApp Plus as a resolution. This modded version includes personalization and designed themes in a gigantic number to astound your messaging.

If you’re looking for a worthy WhatsApp Mod to make all your limitations your power, choose WhatsApp Plus in the first blink of your eye and enjoy all the below-listed features.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

  • Exact WhatsApp interface with, 7000+ theme presets.
  • Hide Online Status, Status Seen, Blue Ticks, and Double Ticks.
  • Enable Always Online to show the online status to all your contacts.
  • Download the best emoticon styles and get rid of the old official style.
  • Choose among the most beautiful notification icons.
  • Schedule messages to never forget to update contacts.
  • Enable Airplane mode to disable the internet for WhatsApp only.

3. FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp Logo

It’s true that FM sounds like a radio frequency modulator, or a radio music player, but the name was created to mark this WhatsApp Mod as a Fouad Mod. If you aren’t new to the modified app journey, you must know Fouad who developed all the world-class modified versions, including Fouad WhatsApp and the current one we’re referring to, FM WhatsApp.

The rationale behind marking this FM WhatsApp on the second rank is its unique universal features. Yeah, you heard that right! FM WhatsApp contains more than 30 universal features that’d simplify your WhatsApp messaging at every stage. There are privileges like enabling always online, sending images in the highest resolution, locking specific conversations, and many more.

Features of FMWhatsApp

  • FM WhatsApp includes hundreds of personalization tactics.
  • Four tiles for conveniently distributing chats, groups, status, and calls.
  • Thousands of preset themes to minimize personalization time.
  • 6+ emoji styles for enthusiastic messengers.
  • New notification icons to astound your friends.
  • Pin more than three messages at a time.
  • Use WhatsApp Lock to enhance chat security.

4. YoWhatsApp

If you’re a funky or casual kind of guy and find your homie WhatsApp version with all the coolest features to match your vibes, it’s cool to go for YoWhatsApp. You’d benefit from the funkiest features within this WhatsApp version, and the best thing here is the YoThemes bundle. Yeah, there is a whole new bundle of themes available within this WhatsApp Mod, named YoThemes.

This theme bundle includes thousands of the rarest theme collections that you might get with any other WhatsApp mod listed above. If you’re a casual guy ready to explore a new world of online chatting, add YoWhatsApp promptly to your phone’s app list and verify your WhatsApp account instantly. One more thing; you can’t use the same account on both the protocols, WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp.

Just uninstall the old official WhatsApp version and get influenced the very first day by the daydreaming kind of YoWhatsApp themes. Afterward, take a look at all the features you can get with YoWhatsApp as listed below.

Features of YoWhatsApp

  • YoThemes library comprises thousands of funky themes
  • New funky emoji styles for the unique finders
  • Exclusive notification icons for WhatsApp messages
  • An interface developed for convenient usage
  • Share Statuses directly from a friend’s status wall
  • Share the highest-resolution images and videos in the maximum quantity.
  • Forward messages to 250 users at the same time
  • Create a bigger broadcast message group
  • Pin more than 10 messages to the top

5. WhatsApp Aero

whatsapp aero

The last competitor within the series of best WhatsApp Mods is the WhatsApp Aero version. Adding this mod within the ultimate series took place because of the automation and the quality support by the WhatsApp Aero team. Developers worked damn hard here and created WhatsApp Aero as the most convenient application with the brand support feature.

In other words, you can take help from the customer support team with any query or doubt you got within the WhatsApp Aero interface. Additionally, this version includes the rarest Aero interface, where every feature is justified within the tile’s module. If you’ve used Microsoft Windows 8 or Windows phone before, you must know about the tiles theme. Similarly, you’d see all the WhatsApp Aero features listed as naive tiles.

Features of WhatsApp Aero

  • Aero convenient app UI
  • Hide Media from Gallery
  • Download Friends’ statuses
  • Copy Status notes in just a click
  • Hide secret or confidential chats
  • Setup Auto Reply
  • Schedule Messages
  • Dark and Light Mode
  • Security and Privacy features


The above-listed WhatsApp Mods are all the overwhelming software developed to make your messaging faster, handier, smarter, and securer. They all got outstanding points and ratings from all corners, including messaging, interface, security, privacy, and smart privileges.

Now, we drop it all in front of you, where you’re deemed to choose one of the Best WhatsApp Mods. All the above competitors are the most renowned and highly rated versions, so you won’t need to get worried about anything before downloading and installing these WhatsApp Mods. Just get your desired version and chat smartly.

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